Open Source Snapmatic and Savegame viewer/editor for GTA V


  • View Snapmatics with the ability to disable them in-game*
  • Edit Snapmatic pictures and properties in multiple ways
  • Import**/Export Snapmatics, Savegames and pictures
  • Choose between multiple Social Club accounts as GTA V profiles IDs


gta5view User Interface

gta5view Snapmatic Viewer gta5view Picture Importer gta5view Snapmatic Player Editor gta5view Snapmatic Property Editor

Windows: Syping Development
Linux: Flathub, Open Build Service, ArchLinux AUR

Source Code
Stable & Development: GitLab, GitHub, Syping Development

User Statistics
gta5view User Statistics

*) Disabling Snapmatics give you the ability to exceed the limit of 96 Snapmatics.
**) There is no guarantee of any kind for acceptance on the Social Club platform.